High-quality and reliable human-machine interfaces

Within a cockpit and cabin are a variety of control panels for controlling the aircraft, the control of backlighting is critical to ensure good visibility of all functions day or night.

Depending on your needs, Comtronic designs and manufactures backlit front panels, keypads, as well as complete control units. Comtronic relies on its sister company Petercem for backlit pushbuttons. This makes it possible to offer reliable, lightweight and cost-effective solutions to the interface man-machine.

Comtronic handles the optical requirements, including NVIS, backlight homogeneity and highly qualified reliability.

Over 50 years of custom manufacturing experience

Comtronic’s strength lies in its ability to provide you with a fully customized solution, while benefiting from our 50+ years of experience in supplying aerospace panels that meet the requirements of common specifications and have been tested according to DO160.

A Comtronic solution is installed in almost every aircraft developed in Europe over the last 50 years.