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Dimming controls for aircraft lighting. Uniformity of the lighting in the cockpit is an important element especially when the pilot flies under NVG conditions. Comtronic designed a dim control unit with up to 8 separate outputs.
Each channel can be individually programmed in order to coordinate different light sources or areas in the cockpit.

Comtronic 8-channel-dimmbox.
The Comtronic CDCU simplifies the dimming of an aircraft cockpit

The CDCU saves:

  • – Space
  • – Weight
  • – Time for adjusting the different brightness values in the cockpit

The CDCU can be configured through software (Programming dimming curve 8 channel).


  • – Two 28 VDC Input Lines
  • – Different inputs for Lights control
  • – 8 x 1000 mA for output power
  • – 8 outputs 0 – 28 VDC adjustable