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Lights & Signs

For many years Comtronic has been a recognized specialist for the development and manufacture of hand-held lamps, cockpit and cabin lights right up to complex lighting solutions for in-flight refuelling and displays for parachutists.

The lamps and lighting units for aircraft, helicopters and vehicles can be equipped with light sources in LED, filament lamp and electroluminescence technologies. The lights are adapted according to the room conditions. The individual brightness control takes place by means of pulse width modulation and thereby the adaptation to the existing cockpit illumination,too.

No off-the-peg solution, but fit for the task and functional in a critical situation. Light and housing colour, brightness range, supply voltage and control can all be adapted and developed as desired.



– Dimmable over an extremely wide range

– Including mounting bracket

– Individual mounting points

– Styling definable

– Wide selection of light colours

– High luminous flux levels

– Use in civil and defence environments

– Qualified in accordance with RTCA/DO-160

– Use of own NVIS filter layers

– NVG design in accordance with MIL-STD 3009 available

– Voltage supply for 5 V or 28V DC

Low power consumption and long service life

– Operating temperature range –55° to +85°C

– Lightweight design

  • Hand Held lamp

    (NVG-compatible) with helicopter qualification


  • Cockpit Lights

    (NVG Compatible) adapted to the cockpit design


  • Cockpit Lights

    For Saab Gripen

  • Parachutist Display

    For troop transport helicopter

  • Lights

    For cabins and service areas