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Lighting & Power Distribution

Comtronic sets the benchmarks through its own innovations in the fields of electronic brightness control and circuit breaker solutions in aeroplanes, helicopters and other vehicles.


CDCU – Cockpit Dim Control Unit

The CDCU, an in-house development by Comtronic, can be used in the cockpit for improved control and harmonization of the various lighting elements and light sources. The CDCU enables the comparison of and dimming process of, for example, EL, LED and filament lamp illumination to a common brightness level and uniform colour temperature

Main Features:

– Independent 28 V DC inputs
– Multiple inputs for lighting control
– Up to 8 output channels x 1000 mA output power
– Up to 8 x 1000mA output power, adjustable from 0 – 28 VDC
– Fanless DO-160 qualified design


CBB – Circuit Breaker Board Solutions

The CBB solutions distribute the required currents to the individual electrical circuits and protect the connected devices safely and quickly with switchable circuit breakers..

Approved “Standard” fuse elements which are available worldwide and are easily procured are used.

Our sales team is happily at your disposal to provide further information and comprehensive advice about this new Comtronic solution.


Main Features:

– High current carrying capacity
– A large number of parallel channels
– Use of “Standard” fuse elements
– New base technology – adaptable to the individual system design
– DO-160 Qualification – pending