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Customer specific LED-Displays

The development of the Comtronic LED display systems is based on the special requirements of the aviation industry.
With our knowledge and experience, we convert your ideas into a functional, bright, always legible, and, at the same time, robust display and combine it with buttons and switches into a visual support control unit. The use of appropriate materials and careful design with the most modern components and circuit topologies provide an extremely high luminance together with a high level of reliability. The wide dimming range and the filters used in the LED displays guarantee a high contrast performance with outstanding legibility under day, night and NVG conditions.


  • – Customer-specific
  • – LED Dot Matrix, 7/9 segment, graphic
  • – Operating temperature range from -54°C to +71°C
  • – NVG compatible in accordance with MIL-STD-3009
  • – Wide viewing angle
  • – Extremely wide luminance range, dimmable from 700 cd/m² to 0.05 cd/m²
  • – Proven high level of reliability


  • R2X7 Digit Matrix Display

    as REMOTE FREQUENCY INDICATOR with Helicopter Qualification

  • R9 Digit Matrix Display

    As REMOTE FREQUENCY INDICATOR with JET Aircraft qualification

  • L12 Digit 7 Segment Display

    as Frequency indicator for ADF, COM, NAV devices